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Choose the right agent!

Sharon Cameron , 27 Mar 2018

Considering selling your business?  OR been on the market forever with no interest, listed with someone else???  Don’t do the same thing & expect a different result!  You need an agent that will work with & for you, a person that has a proven track record in sales – can list which businesses he’s recently sold!  Any agent can gather listings but it takes a skilled one to sell them.  Paul Scott is that agent you can trust, he genuinely spends countless hours & goes above & beyond with maximum effort to achieve the desired outcome.  Guiding you & advising you on the realities of selling.  Perhaps you’ve approached the process in a complicated way, maybe you’ve not being clear about what your offering, or simply over estimated the value of your business.  My advice is to LISTEN to Paul as he is a true professional, he shows you the courtesy to listen to you in gathering data to advertise your business & follows through with great advertising, as they say “You can’t sell a secret”.  One things for certain - you can choose the RIGHT agent!!!